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Chemical Fume Hood Chamber

Chemical Fume Hood Chamber

Fume Hood is an enclosure which is used to remove fumes and air borne particles at the contamination source. It is a kind of fume ventilation system whose major work is to remove smoke, dust mist and chemical fumes and restrict their entry into the environment. An Industrial Fume Hood consists of metallic sheet enclosure, steel or marble stone work bench, service fixture and electrical points. For fume exhaust, heavy duty blowers are fitted and remotely connected to the duct. Chemical fume hood, fume cupboard and fume closet are similar names of fume hood.

Key Features:

  1. Airflow: Designed to maintain a consistent inward airflow to contain and exhaust fumes.
  2. Sash: A movable front panel, often made of glass, which can be adjusted to protect the user and maintain airflow.
  3. Exhaust System: Connects to ductwork that removes contaminated air from the hood and expels it outside the building.
  4. Work Surface: Made from materials resistant to chemical spills and reactions.
  5. Lighting: Provides adequate illumination of the workspace inside the hood.
  6. Baffles: Panels that direct airflow to ensure even distribution and effective fume removal.

Fume Hood Applications

A fume hood's primary use is to remove fumes while reducing unwanted odors. It is utilized in industries where critical tasks are carried out, like low odor thresholds, solvent mixing, soldering, and working with volatile organics, powdered and flammable chemicals, various types of acids, and low odor thresholds, among others. All of these tasks produce hazardous fumes that are harmful to the environment, the operator, and those in the immediate vicinity. In this situation, a fume hood—which extracts fumes and expels them outside the workspace—becomes crucial for maintaining a suitable level of air quality and improving worker and laboratory safety.We are Indian makers of fume hoods. Fume hood systems made by Accumax India are resistant to all kinds of acid exposure

Working Chamber
Inner working chamber or area is an important part of fume hood which remains in direct contact of fumes, acids and different types of chemicals. We construct inner chamber walls of stainless steel (304 / 316) which is further coated with FRP layer if needed. The standard sizes of chambers are 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft and 8ft etc.

Work Bench

The work bench of fume hood is either made of Stainless steel (grade 316) sheet or granite marble. If required it is also coated with FRP layer for double protection.


It is a glass window mechanism which can be moved up and down using sash track. Sash track is a system made of weights and a pulley. User can easily move sash up or down and keep at desired height during work.


For suction in fume hood we offer centrifugal blower assemble made of direct drive motor of any branded make.

Customized Fume Hood

If you wish to buy fume hood for specific application or to use oversize apparatus in it,Accumax India can design the exact unit fitted with all useful accessories.

Technical Specifications


MOC Galvanized Iron Powder Coated, Stainless Steel, Polypropylene.
Type Floor Standing Model / Table Top Model
Face Velocity 90 - 100 FPM /0.5 Mts. Per. Sec. (Average At 12" Sash Opening Fume Hood)
Air Volume 1000 CFM (Designed For Full Door Opening)
Air Flow type Standard
Cabinet Electro Galvanised Sheet With Epoxy Powder Coat Finish / Stainless Steel / Polypropylene With Smooth Finish.
Bottom Arrangements Cabinets, With Cupboard With One Horizontal Partition And Shutters. Cupboards Will Be Provided With Branded Locking Arrangements And Aesthetic Handles Finished With Epoxy Powder Coating.
Baffles Aerodynamic Shape Fully Made Of 3mm FRP.
Work Top Easy To Clean And Chemical And Heat Resistant Black Granite 18mm.
Sash (Shutter) Single, Vertical Sliding, Concealed Type Door. Balanced With Counter Weight, Sash Weights, Wire Etc., Provided With 5mm Thick Glass Window With Steel Frame.
Blower Type Blower Type
Powered by 1 HP 1440 RPM Single Phase.  Blower Is Sufficient For Maximum Distance Of 10 Mtrs. For Requirement More Than 10 Meters 3 HP Capacity Blower Is Required At Extra Cost.
Coupling Direct
Balancing Dynamically Balanced
Air Volume 1000 CFM
Static Pressure 2' W.G.
Casing Casing With FRP Lining
Impeller Fully Moulded PP Impeller
Exhaust Duct PVC/FRP Duct Pipe Of 200 mm Dia With Suitable Elbow For A Length Of 2 Meters, Will Be Supplied With The System. Will Include Exhaust Chimney With Weather Cowl, Bends Flanges, Brackets Etc. Additional Length Of Ducting Will Be Supplied At Extra Cost.
Electrical Arrangements 2 Nos. 15/5 Amps 3 Pin Socket Cum Control Switch.
1 No. Switch Button For Blower, 1 No. Illumination Switch. 1 No. Indicating Lamp.
Illumination By 4 Feet Tube Light.
Sink & Tap

Sink With Outlet Nipple Single Way / Three Way Swan Neck Tap Will Be Provided.