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Clean Room Equipment manufacturers

Clean Room equipment manufacturers

After years of testing and modeling, Accumax India is currently recognized as a leading producer, supplier, and exporter of clean room equipment in India and is working to become the top manufacturer in the world. We have been producing top-notch clean room equipment since 1995 to satisfy the demands of specific sectors. Our products are exported to major industrial sectors, including universities, research institutes, the food and beverage industry, and the automotive and pharmaceutical industries.We manufacture our products under a broad category that includes biosafety cabinets, fume hoods, pass boxes, portable clean rooms, air showers, and PCR work stations.We also help with installation for a variety of products.Our extensive product line satisfies every industrial need while maintaining superior quality and functionality.

Air Shower 

Air Shower is a self-contained well built factory assembled designed to deliver a spray of moving air from nozzles transported and virtually can be installed at any site. Absolute filter-fan module provide positive pressurization and filtration down to 99.97% efficiency on 0.3 micron. The clean air inside the Shower will support a very high degree of sterility and clean air condition.The system is supplied with optionally aluminium grated floor located approximately 6 inches above datum level. Duct air chassis are installed within the walls of the units. While the system is in operation, both doors will be automatically locked. In the event of power failure or an emergency, the doors get unlocked. Construction is of Mild Steel Powder coated / Stainless Steel 304 grade. Provided with two aluminium framed acrylic / glass door with automatic locking device. Statically/dynamically balanced, blower draws the air through pre-filters and throws it through HEPA filter into the chamber. Suitable to work on 220V, 1 phase 50 Hz, AC supply.

 Air Shower Features

  • Galvanized Iron Powder Coated / Stainless Steel 304
  • Class-10000
  • Air Flow- 20-22 Meters/Sec (3937-4330 FPM)
  • Flooring- Aluminium Checker Sheet Anti Skid or Stainless Steel
  • Blower CFM- 25-30 Meters/Sec
  • Noise Level- Less than 75Db

Pass Box

Static or dynamic pass boxes and pass through hatches can be wall- or floor-mounted. The units can be customized to any size or design upon request. India designed and built the robust Pass Box / Pass Through Hatches range for Clean Rooms. They are made locally and are available in a wide range of models, so any size difference may be addressed. Simple Because both doors are electromechanically interlocked, confusion resulting from one door being left open is eliminated by the self-closing feature. These units are designed to boost productivity without sacrificing cross-contamination integrity. Cleaning without contamination is possible with the Pass Through Hatch. Equipped with UV light, power on light, and illuminated door release. Self-Contained Recirculating Blower Motor with Manometer for Hepa Filter Air


Static Pass Box

  • Stainless Steel 304 Grade
  • With Electromagnetic Lock
  • Fitted With Tempered Glass
  • LED Light, UV Light,
  •  Electromagnet For Door Interlocking,
  •  Buzzer And Indicating Lamps


Dynamic Pass Box

  • Stainless Steel 304 Grade
  • With Electromagnetic Lock
  • Fitted With Tempered Glass
  • LED Light, UV Light
  • Electromagnet For Door Interlocking
  • Manometer / Magnahelic Gauge



Dispensing Booth

Dispensing & Sampling Booths provide protection from airborne contaminants generated during powder handling operations such as sampling, charging and dispensing.Dispensing/Sampling Booth offered by Accumax India provides a safe, HEPA Filtered environment, for the dispensing of hazardous drug powders. Air is pulled away from user thru rear-wall pre-filters, trapping powders; recirculating air through ceiling mounted high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter rated 99.99% efficient at 0.3 microns.) protects the operators from toxic chemicals / raw materials used for manufacturing of tablets, medicines, capsules etc from external contamination during the process of weighing or measuring. It is ideal where a high degree of flexibility is desired. Containment is achieved by air movement. The product also known as Pharmaceutical Sampling Booth.


Dispensing Booth-Clean Room Equipment manufacturers

 Dispensing Booth Features

  • Triple Stage Filtration
  • Washable Prefilter Down To 10 Microns
  • Recirculating Laminar Vertical Air Flow
  • Class 100

Laminar Air flow Unit

A Laminar Air Flow (LAF) cabinet, sometimes referred to as a tissue culture hood or laminar hood, is an enclosed cabinet used to keep sensitive materials, semi-conductor wafers, and biological samples clean. Stated differently, the laminar flow cabinet offers an exceptional, contaminant-free, clean air environment suitable for carrying out a variety of laboratory tasks. The pharmaceutical and electronic industries make substantial use of these cabinets. Laminar air flow cabinets are also known as "clean benches" because of the superior filtration method that keeps the working air environment clear. For various uses, industries require laminar air flow cabinets that are both vertical and horizontal.


Horizontal Laminar Air Flow

  • Class -100
  • Air Flow- Laminar Horizontal Airflow
  • Front Door- Folding Transparent Acrylic (Polycarbonate Optional)
  • Noise Level-Minimum
  • Working Bench-Stainless Steel


Vertical Laminar Air Flow 

  • Class -100
  • Air Flow-Vertical Flow
  • Noise Level-Minimum
  • Illumination-Fluorescent Light

Crossover Bench

In many different industries, a broad variety of stainless steel cross over benches are in use. The cleaner region in front of the clean room entry and the slightly soiled changing area on the changing room's one entry side are separated by this cross-over bench. It is constructed from premium raw stainless steel steel. Various sizes are available based on the needs and demands of the client.These cross-over benches are designed expressly to meet the demands of the pharmaceutical sector. We take pride in our cross-over benches' long lifespan.SS cross over benches are made by Accumax India to customer specifications in a range of sizes.

Fan Filter Unit

An example of motorized air filtering equipment is a Fan Filter Unit (FFU). It filters out dangerous airborne particles from recirculating air to provide cleanrooms, hospitals, and other microenvironments with oxygen that has been cleansed. The units are mounted inside the floor or ceiling grid of the system. A correspondingly high number of FFUs, which in certain circumstances may range from several hundred to several thousand, is needed for large cleanrooms which frequently have their own HEPA filter, inbuilt controlled fan air distribution, and pre-filter.

One of the top manufacturers of the highest caliber Fan Filter Unit is Accumax India (FFU).Hepa filter units placed on ceilings can be utilized in various clean room levels and varies depending on the class. In the interim, a tight environment-controlled cleanroom can be constructed with the range of FFU. Due to its metal construction, this device emits no gas pollutants, vibrates very little, and is compatible with other filter manufacturers. A high density clean room device that can be employed in industries like LCD or semiconductor manufacturing is the clean room fan filter unit.