Tue Sep 14, 2021

Importance of clean room in pharmaceutical industry


what is a clean room?

Cleanroom is a controlled environment where different products are manufactured according to the industry requirement. The concentration of airborne particles in the cleanrooms is controlled to specified limits. The contaminations are usually generated by humans, processes, facilities and equipment and they must be removed from the air.
In the Pharmaceutical production, economical survival of the manufacturer depends on the safety of the finished product. So this makes it crucial for the Pharmaceutical Manufacturer to learn the importance of the Pharmaceutical Cleanroom cleaning and the potential sources of contamination with its effective solution.
The basic function of the Pharmaceutical cleanroom is to protect the manufactured products from contamination. The level of air cleanliness in the Pharmaceutical cleanroom must be regulated by standards like ISO 14644 as this document establishes standard classes of air cleanliness in terms of airborne particulate levels in cleanrooms and clean zones.

Clean Room classifications 

ISO classifications are based on international standards that regulate the acceptable cleanliness levels of each level of room. International Organization for Standardization SO 14644-1 provides the guidance for the acceptable air quality levels within the specific clean room ISO classes. Moreover, the cleanroom class is determined by the level of cleanliness the room complies with, according to the quantity and size of particles per volume of air.
At Accumax India we can manufacture clean rooms that comply with various ISO classifications, fs209e and ISO cleanroom standards. Whether you are looking for a less strict class 7 or 8 clean room, or require a class 4 that maintain the strictest cleaning standards, Accumax India manufactures clean rooms to your exact specifications.

Accumax India Clean Room products

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