Tue Jun 14, 2022

Mobile Clean Room

Mobile Clean Room

Contamination control has an important role in Pharmaceutical industries for maintaining good manufacturing practice. Be it Pharmaceutical products or Food and beverages, the prevention of contamination should be ensured and looked upon effectively. Hence, to maintain the highest of care in good manufacturing practice, companies often opt for Mobile Clean Rooms.These Mobile clean rooms are the modular rooms which bear the hallmark of clean room for basic comfort cooling with adjustable temperature and humidity control. The mobile clean room meets the specified cleanliness level with clean room equipment, emergency power, lighting, water, ancillary support systems etc.

What does it do?

The mobile clean room is no different in terms of features and motive. It is a space which controls the level of contamination in the designated place. To explain further, the number of particles per cubic meter is deduced to determine at what level the cleanliness of the place is. I.e. an ISO 1 clean room only allows 12 particles per cubic meter of 0.3µm or smaller. As for our general typical urban environment, it contains no less than 35,000,000 particles per cubic meter. You can further deduce how much of importance does mobile clean rooms bear in controlling the level of contamination in the facilities.

How does Mobile Room operate?

As for how does a clean room operate, it limits the presence of sub-micron particles present in the environment by modifying the insubstantial environment conditions. So, to maintain this particulate free environment, the technology used is basically of two types – HEPA and ULPA. These are the two types of filter which are used in clean room technology to filter the particles which come inside or goes outside from a clean room. These air flow systems systematically direct the filtered air in both horizontal and vertical direction. This filtration process traps the particles present in the air and directs them towards the floor from where they enter the filters and leave the cleanroom environment. Furthermore, in order to prevent the particles from entering again or for minimizing, clean room curtains too are used. This prevents the microbial contamination in the manufacturing of delicate products such as pharmaceutical products, cell phone chips and internal circuits of electronic goods.

Portability of Mobile Clean Rooms

Whenever an order is issued for the Mobile clean room, it is shipped to the customer facility on a double drop flatbed trailer in whole and moved with the help of hooks. Most mobile clean rooms are of approximately 25’L x 18’W X 9’H which nears about 35000 pounds but can be made according to as per customers need.
Thus, comparing the Mobile Clean Room with the traditional stick-built facilities, it is ahead light years ahead in terms of portability. The versatility with ease in assembling, disassembling and relocating makes the mobile clean room a cost-effective investment for manufacturing facilities.


The durability is a question that might arise for many who are about to get one for their manufacturing facility. Generally, the mobile clean rooms are made up of metals with colour plated or galvanized surface treated. Constructed for high durability, they are sturdy and weather tolerant. Although the panels are a simple on-site panel made, they are durable enough to withstand extreme environments without compromising the interior room pressure.

What’s the best method to construct your Mobile Clean Room?
Nowadays, many viable options are present in the market to construct your own mobile clean room for manufacturing or laboratory facilities. These options include demountable containers which are available in metal containers and are shipped by various logistics service providers. These containers can be modified, stacked and relocated multiple times. However, several areas are to be attended whilst relocating. Checking the air pressure barrier and integration of modules should be taken care of during the construction. Consulting with the contractor can ease the whole process of installation.

How costly can a Mobile Clean Room be?

In comparison to normal facility clean room, mobile clean room is fair and reasonable. Also, the maximum use of small spaces makes it efficient and manageable then the general clean room. The market trend for calculating a mobile clean room is in relation to its quality and area. Prices range from $100 to $1000 per square foot.


Nowadays, the facility designs are being updated and made more agile to leave smaller footprints. In the making of a good infrastructure clean room facility, specific application, cost and flexibility play a significant role. As in terms of cost, one must not only look upon the initial cost per square foot but more emphasis on the overall project and its long term benefits. Consideration of effectively and efficiency in relation to the stick-built general facility should be well attended for reaping the maximum benefits from the mobile clean rooms. Thus, the mobile clean room as today has been recognized as the perfect viable option with its comprehensive benefits.