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PP Fume Hood

PP Fume Hood

Polypropylene, a hydrocarbon designated chemically as C3H6, is an extremely versatile polymer used for a wide range of industrial and domestic applications. Its ability to provide lightweight, impermeable barriers or casings makes it an essential tool for preserving the sterility and aesthetic appeal of containers, cables, and protective equipment.At Accumax India, we build fume hoods for use in biomedical, cleanroom, pharmaceutical, and semiconductor manufacturing settings. We work with polypropylene and other materials to outfit all our fume hoods with a full suite of features that maximize efficiency, including:
Vented base cabinets for acid/chemical storage
Counter-balanced adjustable sashes
Lip exhaust designs
Vapor-proof fluorescent lighting Besides, all Hoods comply with industry standards, and they can include optional features like photo-resistant lighting, exhaust alarms, GFI receptacle outlets, and more. Hoods can also be FM4910 rated.Polypropylene has many benefits over other types of fume hoods and casework due to its strength, durability, and portability. In this blog, we explore a few of the ways polypropylene has increased the construction of cleanrooms and laboratory environments.

Benefits of Using Polypropylene for Fume Hoods
Polypropylene’s nonporous properties make fume hoods completely odor resistant and minimize the potential for harmful chemical buildup, allowing them to perform well in laboratories, food processing plants, and cleanroom environments. Customizable additions such as tempered safety glass and clear acrylic can help ensure smooth operation and additional safety for the counter-balanced front sash.
Polypropylene fume hoods can also come with superior airfoils, which helps to eradicate air backflow and minimize turbulence. This makes them suitable for:
Laboratory work environments
Laminar flow applications
Wet process hood applications
Custom environment solutions
Most polypropylene fume hoods come prewired and pre-plumbed to ensure quick and easy connection by professional mechanical installers.Accumax India can also easily palletize polypropylene fume hoods to prepare them for shipping by common carriers nationwide.

Polypropylene Fume Hoods by Accumax India

We manufacture many types of fume hoods, including but not limited to:
Fully isolated fume hoods
Bench/tabletop fume hoods
Robotic fume hoods
Laminar fume hoods
Fume lip exhaust (wet bench style) fume hoods
Slope front with sliding sash fume hoods
Straight front with sliding sash fume hoods
These hoods can include components such as LED lighting, PLC control, exhaust monitoring, HEPA filters, DI, N2 purge, EMO buttons, process tanks, etch tanks, dump rinsers, ultrasonic baths, and more. We can design our systems to include advanced options like washdown features with drainage, fire-suppression systems, pressurized environments, and interlocking doors.

Other Polypropylene Options:

Other options beyond fume hoods include:
Storage cabinets
Bio suite products
These products are used in Pharmaceutical, Biomedical, and semiconductor applications, which we can build in any shape or size to maximize or minimize laboratory or cleanroom capacity. We can also build these cabinets out of stainless steel, HDPE, or FM4910 flame-retardant PVC/C depending on your needs. We will also design cabinets to include custom options such as exhaust and containment per client specifications.