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Walk-In Fume Hood

Walk-In Fume Hood

Walk-In Fume Hoods are "oversized" enclosures that are built to seclude the exterior of the hood from fumes, dust, odours, and other particulate. Most importantly, these hoods isolate the environment from particle contamination and allow applications to be performed in a separate working area. Also referred to as machine enclosures, these containment systems are used for a variety of applications including data recovery, tissue culture, drum and bin storage, botany, pharmaceutical, light grinding, sanding, and other applications that produce dangerous particulates and fumes.

Types of Walk-in Hoods

Accumax India Air Systems offers 3 different kinds of Walk-in Enclosures to allow customers a solution suited for their needs.

Accumax India Walk-in Fume Hood

Our Walk-in Fume Hoods provide an off-the-shelf oversized fume control solution that ships in 5 business days. Due to the in-stock availability, Our Walk-in Enclosures offer less option but still accommodate popular customer selections. Options available include:


•   Size – 8’ W x 8’ D x 8’ H or 10’ W x 10’ D x 8’ H

•   Wall Material – hard walls made of twin wall polycarbonate or anti-static vinyl curtains

•   Ductless or Exhaust – available with up to 4 air cleaners or up to 4 exhaust collars

Custom Walk-in Fume Hood

Accumax India Air Systems provides walk-in hoods in a variety of heights, depths and configurations. Customized walk-in enclosures can be up to 20’ wide, 20’ deep, and 9’ tall. At SAS, we recognize that work processes and space Quick Ship Custom Clean Room Quick Ship Walk-in Fume Hood requirements are unique, which is why our Walk-in Fume Enclosures are fully customizable. In addition to customized dimensions, the modular design of our walk-in enclosures allows flexibility between ductless or ducted fume exhaust. Due to the custom nature of this product,usual lead time is 3-4 weeks after design approval. Additional custom options and accessories include:


•   Floor Mounting

•   Clear Anti-Static Vinyl Strip Curtains

•   Floor Panel made of High-Density Polyethylene

•   Multiple Filter Units

•   Exhaust Collars for Ductwork

•   Quick-change Pre-Filters

•   Remote Control Operation

•   Frame Paint Colour

Customized Walk-in Clean Room Hood
Customized Walk-in Clean Rooms offer an easy-to-setup solution to create an oversized positive-pressure enclosure. These systems meet up to ISO Class 7* Clean Room standards and offer the same customization features as custom Walk-in Fume Hoods. (*efficiency may vary by size).



While Accumax India Walk-in Enclosures have several customizable features, the traditional design includes four structural supports, clear panel curtain walls, and a ceiling panel with mounted ductless air filtration units. The curtained wall doubles as the entrance and exit to the enclosure as well as acting as a barrier surrounding the enclosure. The structural supports maintain the integrity of the enclosure while supporting the weight of the ceiling panel and filtration units. The filtration units utilize powerful fans to create negative pressure that then pulls fume, dust, and vapour from within the enclosure into the units’ filter chamber before releasing cleansed air back into the ambient room.

Benefits of a Walk-in Fume Hood
Ideal for large equipment use, drums storage, and creating a dust- or grinding-safe environment
Customizable to most applications
Available in ducted and filtered style
Environmentally friendly
Efficient odour and toxic fume ventilation

Fume Hood Safety Considerations

Safe operation of your fume hood is critical to protect your staff and anyone around (or in) it. A walk-in Fume Hood should only be considered for use in labs with low hazard chemicals.
They should be visually inspected frequently
Pedestrian traffic in front of the Hood should be limited
If your fume hood is used frequently then a regular cleaning schedule should be established

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can walking by a fume hood disturb airflow?

During experiments, keep all chemicals and equipment below the taped line, which should be marked six inches behind the sash. When disturbances such as air currents from individuals walking by the hood, etc., interfere with airflow at the face of the hood, this will help block materials from exiting the hood.


2. What to do when working in a fume hood?

Work inside the hood by at least 6 inches for all tasks. Air turbulence at the front edge of a fume hood reduces the hood's ability to catch fumes. Use a full face protection in the event of an eruption or explosion, and always wear splash goggles. Put on gloves that are suitable for the materials being handled.