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What are the components of an Air Shower?

What are the components of an air shower?

  • Motor/Blower assembly.
  • Power control box.
  • HEPA Filter 99.97% effective on .3 micron particles.
  • Emergency release button
  • Adjustable nozzles
  • Fluorescent light fixture.

How Do Cleanroom Air Showers Work?

How do Clean Room Air Shower works?

Prior entering the Cleanroom Air Shower, personnel will gown up to encapsulate any particles they might have on their clothes or body. Depending on the dimensions of the cleanroom air shower, anywhere from 1 to 3 persons can open the door and enter. After entering, the cleanroom air shower blows HEPA filtered air on them for 20-40 seconds to remove any particles. Once the cycle is over, the personnel exit thru the second door into the cleanroom. The Doors of the cleanroom air shower are generally interlocked so only one door can be open at a time to prevent particles from entering the cleanroom from the exterior.

Cleanroom Air Showers Applications:

Air shower is used for personnel entering a cleanroom (most common).
Air shower is used for personnel exiting a cleanroom (when working with hazardous material).
Air shower is used to clean material on a cleanroom cart before it enters the cleanroom. This replaces labor intensive wiping down of material.

Highlighting the relevance of air showers for cleanrooms

These hygiene instruments are highly important as they help assist the environmental conditions of the cleanroom or cleanrooms to be supported. The minimisation of large particle contamination, being carried in on technicians’ garments, can have deadly results on equipment or products within the facility. For this reason, air showers have become a necessity for a lot of industries where technicians are moving from a dirty classification room to high classes of cleanrooms without re-gowning, such as in science, research and manufacturing fields. Constructed from the highest quality materials in India, our products have been designed with the clients’ product knowledge and operational experience to ensure best hygiene practices are employed each and every time.

Selection Criteria

Air shower is designed to adjoin a gowning room with a cleanroom. In order to select the appropriate air shower you need to consider the geometry, dimensions, materials of construction, and standards or compliances required.


Air shower geometry or type describes the footprint of the Air Shower. Air showers can be used to allow carts, supplies, and/or personnel to safely enter a cleanroom. Common geometries or types of Air Showers include: Cart, Single Door, Straight, Tunnel, L-shaped, S-shaped, U-shaped and three-door air showers. While Air Shower Tunnels, U-shaped, or three-door air showers offer additional space and footprint options for some applications, a simplistic design such as a single-door air shower will suffice when entry to the Clean Room is not directly through the air shower.


Air shower dimensions is used to select a product that will accommodate space restrictions. Air shower dimensions are usually specified by overall height, width, and length.Many times Manufacturer will often specify the door width as well.